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Pack Service plans for individuals


You are an individual of French or foreign nationality. If you receiveFrench-source income or if you have holdings in France, you are liable to owe taxes to the French state.

We are here to advise and assist you in the actions you need to take.
We have put together a service plan to protect your interests and to meet all your potential needs.

Pack Basic plan

Review of your tax situation and initial advice

Our basic plan allows you to be completely informed of your obligations
regarding the French tax system and ensure your compliance.
We help you file tax returns on your income and financial holdings.

  • We review your tax residence,
  • Whether or not you are a tax resident, we inform you of your duties with regard to taxes in France,
  • We draw up your income tax and wealth tax returns.
  • We perform an initial study of your susceptibility to double taxation.
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Pack Further services

All our solutions to safeguard your interests

Once your tax status is determined, your needs for support with regard to French taxation can be quite varied. Our experts can advise you on all your accounting and tax obligations, and deal with the French authorities for you.

  • Real estate tax,
  • Audit of your holdings,
  • Tenue comptable
  • Record-keeping,
  • CFE (corporate property tax),
  • VAT,
  • Tax returns,
  • Analysis and advice concerning double taxation,
  • National benefit programs for impatriates and representatives of foreign companies.
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